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(61.83 KB 675x380 russian-crash_Larp.jpg)
Fake Russian Plan Crash Exposed FakeCrashExpo 02/14/2018 (Wed) 01:10:51 Id: be825b [Preview] No. 63856

Hillary Uranium One Pee Pee Dossie Witnesses killed?

▶ Russia plane crash the other day. 70 people killed, most of them RosAtom employees. (See George Webb video on this).

▶ Fake conspiracy theorist says Hillary pee pee dossier source was killed. Later, it comes-out that this is not true.

▶ Then fake Q on Q research board posts a name of some other person who supposedly died, when he realizes he made a mistake. (Q gets help from one of his agents, who posts a name and asks Q to confirm. Q confirms name that his agent posted = All this to protect Q so he is not exposed as a larp for claiming that some pee pee dossie source - RosAtom employee was killed to prevent him from testifying). Yet that person Q names as THE TARGET is not connected to pee pee dossie nor is cited as a source. More evidence Q is fake and a larp.

▶ Additionally, there are like 3 different lists of passengers supposedly killed, and these lists are circulating around.

Each list of names seems to be different.

At lease one version of the list of dead passengers is denying that RosAtom CFO IVANOV died, making it look like it was someone else. (With a small minute change to the middle name of the passenger, to make it look like it was someone else). Fake, false. Almost all of the 70 on board were RosAtom employees. They are trying to coverup the fact that the passenger list shows people who are actually still alive.


(Per George Webb videos, the whole plane was FILLED WITH ROSANTUM PEOPLE. PRACTICALLY ALL 70 ON BOARD WERE ROSANTUM!). So what is the chance that one lone person, who happens to match the name of the RosAtom CFO (except for one some lists, middle name is slightly different), is not the same person and some random passenger and not an employee of RosAtom? Practically ZERO chances!

And what are the chances that since IVANOV VYACHESLAV, the current CFO of Rosantum was filmed alive the next day, and texting his wife was not on the plane, if all 70 on the plane were RosAtom top-level employees and with his name listed as a passenger, yet not on the plane? What are the chances then that if he is not dead, then others on the plane must not be dead also? The chances are saying that if he is not dead, then NONE OF THE OTHERS are dead. The facts speak for themselves.

▶ RosAtom Vyacheslov Ivanov, on the passenger list, was photographed alive the next morning. Yet he is on the passenger list. But, because there are fake versions of the passenger list out, this appears to be what is causing the confusion.

▶ Thus, if RosAtom CFO is still alive, and he would have been on the plane which was all RosAtom people, yet is still alive, then this means the others are still alive and this was a fake crash, using a dummy plane (filled with smuggled human body parts), to make it look like Uranium One people were killed, so they do not have to testify.

Why would someone organize a fake crash and with all the people involved in the Hillary Clinton - Uranium One scandal involved, all on the plane?

Creates plausible denyability.

▶ Allows the witnesses to not have to testify.

▶ Protects Hillary and criminals involved in the Uranium One scandal.

But how would it benefit Russia?

▶ By allowing their people also not have to testify, to protect the deal they made with Hillary, Obama and The greater Uranium Crime Syndicate, which has been active in these illegal uranium deals for 18 years now.


And Jeff Sessions is covering this up, and protecting Hillary. He claims to be going-after Uranium One, but is covering-up the 18 year old uranium crimes.



Anonymous 02/14/2018 (Wed) 01:20:28 Id: e6a49b [Preview] No.63857 del
(30.82 KB 480x336 DV2L6emX0AE32OM.jpg)

Anonymous 02/14/2018 (Wed) 01:24:37 Id: be825b [Preview] No.63858 del
Many have even noted that the amount of snow on the plane wreckage make it look to appear to have been there for a long time. This has not yet been confirmed either. Could this be a staged event?

Maybe the photos, just like the recent train crash of U.S. Congressmen, are fake, from another event?

Anonymous 02/16/2018 (Fri) 00:33:13 Id: 0e7a76 [Preview] No.63891 del

h ttps://endchan.xyz/aaanwopros/catalog.html


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