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Russians Election 2018 Anonymous 08/13/2017 (Sun) 00:52:23 Id: fe1845 [Preview] No. 50783
Important upcoming event. What can we expect?

Anonymous 08/13/2017 (Sun) 00:57:32 Id: 0d26d3 [Preview] No. 50784 del
Tell us a bit about it, most of us here aren't ruskies.
I'm interested to some degree though, is there any chance of a less-kiked leader than jewtin?

Anonymous 08/13/2017 (Sun) 01:23:42 Id: fe1845 [Preview] No. 50785 del
>here aren't ruskies
Me neither. All I know the Russians have another candidate called "Zherenesky" or whatever his name was.

>any chance of a less-kiked leader than jewtin?
"Zherenesky" is half Jewish. They will probably pull out some other puppet.

Anonymous 08/13/2017 (Sun) 02:55:47 Id: 7f153f [Preview] No. 50796 del
Vladimir Zhirinovsky? Lets hope Maxim Suraikin gets nowhere (he's a Commie).

Anonymous 08/13/2017 (Sun) 11:51:17 Id: 660855 [Preview] No. 50834 del
Putin 9k or some other Jew puppet that will intentionally make all the wrong moves in order to weaken and kill Russia from inside, while increasing anti-western rhetoric in order to get as many ethnic Russians killed once Russia is finally weak enough for NATO to invade. Meanwhile he will keep promoting race-mixing and "cultural imperialism" (which is the equivalent of US civic nationalism) which is essentially cultural Marxism with strong Jew oligarch "capitalist" backbone.

Anonymous 08/14/2017 (Mon) 10:52:06 Id: 273c04 [Preview] No. 50899 del
(463.38 KB 1080x1080 1eabced88a52ec.jpg)
(114.31 KB 800x535 166111a351.jpg)
(137.41 KB 800x533 149054358316727679.jpg)
>Important event
Absolutely unimportant populist "good vs evil" spectacle where everyone is controlled by the same group
Sage for shit thread, but I will answer any questions
Zhirinovsky is an interesting puppet, he's like David Duke except not white supremacist, as in he just talks about jews all the time and has the personality of Trump, however his political position is exactly the same as Putin's, he's really something h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=XBy4vaqugOg, all the other major puppets are the same shit. All the communist parties are pretend communists, liberal parties are pretending to suck US dick e.t.c. Maltsev deserves a special mention, he's this jew that talks about masons all the time and threatens everyone with the revolution that will come on the 5th of November, to be fair not even libtards take him seriously anymore.
Now for the interesting stuff, in the internet the only candidate that gets discussion is this guy, meet Navalny, the Russian Trump, except even more retarded.
He's a walking joke honestly, I'll break him down for you


Anonymous 08/14/2017 (Mon) 10:53:07 Id: 273c04 [Preview] No. 50900 del
>the two popular conspiracy theories about him are "he's a US puppet" (since he has ties to Soros, popular among older people since it's the TV narrative) and "he's a Kremlin puppet" (popular among those that see that his entire candidacy narrative is a joke). The truth is that he's both.
>gets insane PR in the internet but very little coverage on TV (and the one he gets is negative). Additionally he's doing the "how do you do fellow kids" with a bit of a "rationalist" fedora, it gets really embarassing at times, like when he asks "what is 2ch", "I'm lvl 100 in GTA online" or "how to beat this monster in crysis" in his fucking twitter, when he spins a fidget spinner during a trial or uses buzzwords like wow, cool or epic. His rhetoric is also aimed at little children, it's like a kindergarten performance at times or even Dora the explorer, "hello kids, Putin steals! This is bad! Corruption is bad! We need to do something!". The result you can see, pics 1 through 3 - the typical audience in his riots/rallies, try to find a person over the age of 30. He participates in internet debates very often and always gets fucked because he plays an idiot, you know, like an action movie main hero, the one that fights against evil but has no clue on how things work. His program is also criticized as being completely ineffective at fighting the things he claims he wants to fight (he basically wants to put a "just and fair!" sticker on the courts and add laws that say "if someone spends more than he earns he'll go to the court!", populist bs like higher minimum wages e.t.c.)
>Russian media claims he's a fascist and compares him to Hitler since he has a WN past and proposes to end illegal migration from ex-USSR countries. Comically enough since the fascist in the western media narrative is Putin, Navalny is portrayed as the progressive liberal. When it comes to his electorate they feature both liberals and fascists, he manages to appeal to both groups
>gets put in jail every month but his time in prison is magically reduced to 5 days all the time
>drops """redpills""", as in "shocker, Medvedev recieved mansions and a yacht probably as a bribe of some sort!". This joke of an investigation that "revealed" shit that everyone already knew was enough for russian libtard kids to go to mass riots
Since anyone but Putin and Navalny get massively ignored I have a fun prediction, they might make an act that Navalny stole lots of votes from United Russia but they both managed to lose to the Communist party that everyone forgot about. The communist party will then act as a cover to bring european social democracy and progressive sjw garbage to the country to a great dissapointment to everyone including socialists. This is unlikely but you have to consider this scenario, however most likely it's Unitedrussiawinslol or Navalny does a Trump.
To sum things up you need to understand the way of thinking of a russian liberal, they are not progressives but instead very naive libertarians that support everything good and stand up against everything bad, they jerk off to the west and how "free" the people there are, they are really two dimensional and desperate for a savior

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