Anonymous 05/14/2018 (Mon) 00:01:51 Id: 7d3799 No.65605 del
I don't even see how people can still browse over there when there's barely any content. Thread OPs will never have anything really relavant inside and are mostly just space fillers for the board. I also fully believe that anyone real there has been banned for 88 years and the board is mostly moderators talking to themselves, bots, and people from reddit who will not go against the current state of the board as their homesite (Reddit) taught them to embrace avoidance of critical thinking and just suck up to banning of anything considering "wrong". I went back to 4/pol/ for a bit and it was actually funny that, if enough fitlers were applied, I found far more content of the current state of things than 8/pol/ had. I really hope this board picks up steam a bit more or some anon tells me where everyone went. Although in truth I just think imageboards are almost dead completely but still hanging on in hopes that things will change. I greatly look forward to the collapse that will reset things and hopefully reignite a new era of sharing over the internet that is not tainted by normalfag masses and like censorship.