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BO EDIT This Is Now The 8meta thread.

I was banned on 8chan for this, can we actually make this a thread. I'll even make this a 2 in one bonus thread for you guys.

An argument to quickly btfo anyone who believes the male/female equality meme:

>Its an irrefutable fact that there have been male specific and female specific gender roles for longer than civilization has been around.
>Even if it was caused due to oppression, that fact is still true.
>It is also true that only those who are biologically male have the y chromosome.
>This means that any adaptation that comes from the y chromosome will NEVER BE APPLIED TO WOMEN. >Women have no such special chromosome that is only applied to them, Men have x chromosomes too.
>This means that men are under evolutionary preassure that ONLY applies to them which CAN NEVER be applied to women.
>This in turn means that in an equal opportunity environment, men will be better at their traditional gender roles.
>These roles include being the provider for a household, leadership, military service, proffessional occupations, etc.
>If on average women turn out to have equal results to men when attempting to uphold these duties it is because men are held down somehow by non-genetic factors.
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