Anonymous 04/16/2018 (Mon) 01:30:27 Id: 475881 No.65161 del
>Some here reject all religious principles
>Those who reject all moral principles tend to push degenerate agendas
While I don't disagree that edgy atheism and voided agnosticism does do this, I like to believe that posters here - based upon what I've experienced since using this board - are intelligent enough to not fall into the pits of degeneracy without having a dogmatic ideology to lead them; even with National Socialism, people are following it because of its ethical value. Whether or not the average poster here indulges in some kind of spiritual activity physically doesn't exactly mean they're not spiritual metaphysically; some souls are already significant as soon as it enters body. I don't believe following religious dogma is the only way to be sure you're following moral principles, only poorly spirited people need to be told what to do in order to understand morals and separate themselves from shit-flinging apes- well spirited people can usually understand that acting like a shit-flinging ape is the incorrect thing to do, whether or not they've been told; it becomes obvious.

But yeah, the rest I agree on.