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>But so can some monkeys. [riveting]
Please provide me a video example of a monkey using a rivet gun. I'd like to see that.
>It's when he's guided to purpose that it becomes useful.
The crews capable of going out on their own and performing the job without the boss around to guide them are far more valuable than those who need constant supervision. I recall the days when I had to let the latter go.
>Why? It's not an insult.
It is a metaphor. A soldier uses a weapon. A riveter uses a rivet gun. Those are tools.
>An Abcedarian only takes what is given, rather than doing it for themselves.
A novice hippie is a much better metaphor for any greed-obsessed snob who does nothing by himself, and a poor metaphor for those who hold value over the fruits of production.
>If we're honest, that's true of anything beyond basic food and shelter needs [hypothetical attached value]
Yes, necessities are of true value. Everything else falls under not necessary luxuries.
>In such a case, society would probably collapse.
Hypothetically, says you. Hypothetically say I is that everyone would scramble to make sure no one suffers.
>You've brought up the Garden of Eden paradox.
That theory is such foolish and pointlessly semantic drivel. That Adam and Eve had no knowledge whatsoever until eating from the restricted Tree of Knowledge. "They didn't know, thus how was it a sin?" In that story, they clearly knew they were being disobedient. It's merely from an inability of Christians to realize whom they considered the first human beings weren't entirely "perfect".
>Then they would suffer too [all working class striking at the same time]
Undoubtedly. All would suffer from the loss of their contributions.

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