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>Apparently not, if it gets results.[barking management and coaches]
The results are limited, and the products end up breaking. You can keep physically assaulting a jukebox (or television) in the hopes that it continues to work. Eventually it's going to break down. The same goes for people. Add to their stress, and you run the risk of being the victim of public shooting or in the very least, a high turnover rate (people quitting faster). Especially if the shrieking twat is making himself an obnoxious ass of a target. You've no idea how many times I've wanted to plug bosses but didn't do so due to the fact I don't want to be a prison bitch. If the penalty was that of months and not life, I sure as hell would have gone that route. Not with all bosses. A few have been worthwhile.
>[Pure speculation that everything redistributed evenly, they'd be back where they are now due to their own abilities.]
>Hey, everyone got there somehow. Done it once, you can do it again.
Not in a society that's regulated to prevent class distinction. Which again, is National Socialism, not communism.
>So they'd know how to manage it well enough to recover it. They'd be in positions of trust very quickly. [those born into wealth]
If someone else helps you recover, you're not doing it yourself. That's the bottom line. The "trust" part of "trustfund baby" is an entirely different definition, m8. It in no way implies that spoiled rotten brats born with silver spoons in their mouths and growing up snorting mountains of cocaine can be trusted.
>Which means their value wouldn't have changed, and they'd be back with it among the quickest. [spotted celebrities]
Are you trying to imply celebrities' values don't change when transitioning from average civilian to wealthy twats? Going by your consistent definition of value, that doesn't fit.
>Well that was about bankers.
*Parasites on society since the bench-sitting usurious kikes of the Italian Renaissance.
>It is though. [That's not how it actually works re: higher intelligence and education implied never at the bottom of the ladder]
>Just because you're a battered housewife doesn't mean all men are abusive.
Was that in response to, "The uneducated, dumb and unskilled are promoted as long as they have bipolar disorder and the experience of bullying the shit out of other kids on the playground back in basic school."? Once a bully, always a bully. I know this first hand, as I actively practice bullying the shit out of subversive kikes on this board. (If that were to imply you, you'd be banned already, so it doesn't.)
>Or perhaps you're just not cutthroat enough to apply the education and cunning to get ahead.
I am ahead through twice as many years as average higher education (not failed, required for my field). Yet I'm still under the boot-heel of lesser intelligence who obtained her position only by her personality. In other words, a grossly unqualified butch bull-dyke whom has no standards of her own and thus pushes compromised agendas down the ladder despite obvious health risks.

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