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>When i was a field nigger, i had the right arm of a chronic masturbator thanks to hoeing, but was otherwise hideously unfit.
Yeah, and when I was in construction I gained enough muscle to have the appearance of a linebacker. Before that was parents providing for me as I was a 90lb weakling. After I left the working class by paying for my own education, I exist now in a comfortable position of five hours a weekday, three days a week. The abs I used to have are gone. Not obese, but definitely not fit. That's all due to the wealth and comfort of my position.
>You did, though. [forebears inheritance]
>They were able to give you the genes for enough normalcy which many others might look up to and consider "unfair"
Genes are by no means the same as wealth. On that issue, I only inherited the productive genes of my mother. My father is the typical fat, lazy American whom lost basic jobs and gave up, depending on her support as he vegges in front of jewish agenda television indoctrination. Frankly, I'm sick of her bitching over the phone about it.
>Only self inflicted death like being a drugtard.
Not only. There's also rich suicides aside from ODing: Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain, Mindy McCready (okay, also drug addict), Jonathan Brandis (Neverending Story), Sawyer Sweeten (Everybody Loves Raymond), Lucy Gordon, Johnny Lewis, Dana Plato (Different Strokes), Chris Benoit after he murdered his wife and 7 year old son, Michael Alfonso, Tony Scott. And wealthy victims of murder: Nichole Simpson, the Manson cult murders, niggers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, Selena (famous singer), Phil Hartman by his own wife, Claudia Jennings, Dorothy Stratten by her nude photographer Paul Snider, John Lennon, etc. There are many more, but you get my point.
>Keanu Reeves is doing quite well. [subject of immortality]
He also clearly ages. He's not actually immortal. Yes, I've seen the similar looking people of history that brought people to the theory.
>They are if they want to stay there. [intelligence standards]
They don't have to be smart enough to hold onto their wealth, only maintain wealthy friends to bail them out when they consistently fuck up.
>Absurdity and inefficiency just isn't an argument, unless you're in a cartoon.
"The wealthy can't be absurd nor inefficient when they're engaged in evil practices" isn't true either.
>Hell, they still haven't found a way to de-cypher the phone line used between Roosevelt and Churchill.
You mean this conversation?: h ttps://
That is yet another example of something media kikes attach their cries of "fraud! plaigarism!" to.

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