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>you guys really need ombudsmen with teeth.
>i don't think i'd trade them away for some libertarian fantasy pushed by the American plutocracy.
I must agree with that 100 percent. I have been disgusted with many facets of this country for some time now. Perhaps because I don't belong here. However in Scotland, people are being arrested for "offensive material online" related to National Socialism. I stay for the freedom of speech, which will be curtailed entirely eventually due to the jewish hegemony of our entire system.
>And defrock the social science ones.
Agreed. Social sciences are a joke.
>They generally eat a lot too.
It's true there are some poor who overeat and then don't have enough money for their bills due to spending it all on food. That itself is sheer stupidity. You should see the junk Americans shovel into their faces, and learn about the chemicals they put in our products. I'm aware warning labels are enforced by the European Union about tartrazine (Yellow number 5) and similar damaging chemicals, but no such requirements exist here. It's side effects are this: potentially lethal asthma attacks and nettle rash, hives, DNA damage, tumors of the thyroid and ADHD
>It very specifically is [television a luxury]
Only marketed as such. Television is nothing more than a mind control tool.
>I don't like jewelry, but it is by every measure a luxury.
True. You know, it's very hard not to be condescending by addressing that comparison. Obviously jewelry =/= television. Messages of what you should believe wouldn't be as effective, even if they're engraved into jewelry. Which by the way, is a clearly a luxury of the wealthy.
>Well adjusted people? ["don't begrudge those who have more than them"]
And those types don't need to exist in the first place, provided everyone is brought to a solid middle class. Those at the top brought down to an that average existence of living. Those at the bottom brought up to the same.
>Which is neither here nor there. It's not relevant to any topic at hand. [tall poppy syndrome]
It actually is. You can deny the existence of white-collar buyers and distributors of drugs all you want. Doesn't change the fact that cocaine is the wealthy man's drug, most often in Hollywood, while many of the upper class in your country's history used to spend their time in opium dens.

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