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>Aye, a real wild west. [alt.binaries of the 90s]
To a certain degree. There were images of nudism all over the place to the point people were desensitized to it. Discussions may have been furious at times. There was not this 4chan invented concept of "lol I troll you" in the form of pretend to be the opposition for shits and giggles. That's something I have come to despise from chans. (Not saying you're doing that, I'm just ranting)
>America managed to, thanks to having an aim, and exploiting others. [recession]
Not really, until the 1945 through the 1950s. Roosevelt's policies to fight the recession were known as a temporary stall because he was incredibly stupid. He got 3.75 billion out of Congress, outlawed gold possession by citizens (Executive Order 6102), the Agricultural Adjustment Act which paid farmers not to farm, but raise their prices. It was the war effort due to FDR instigating the attack on Peal Harbor (also having foreknowledge but lecherously not informing Commanders in Hawaii). The Zionist shills of Kikepedia are all over that one too. "It's a conspiracy theory!" American-Japanese concentration camps is something that isn't taught in American schools. Attacks on German U-boats didn't work and FDR desperately wanted war, so economic sanctions were placed on Japan. The 1911 commercial treaty was ended. The 1940 Export Control Act was enacted, and in July of 41' he froze all Japanese assets in the US, then came the embargoes.
>Claus von Stauffenberg
>trying to take one for the team
Sounds like you saw Valkyrie. Claus was the traitor who deserved to be shot. Otto Remer was the hero that put down the plot.
>just remember who would be doing the coverage on the events.
It's true that they own the media >>63515 but it would be so extremely difficult for them to claim an "anti semite" is murdering them with signs of the star of "David" at the scenes that they'd have to cover up the latter. That is something the media's quite used to.
>And your example would push them faster.
Good. The sooner they make themselves known as our enemies to even the dumbest of the dumb, those that aren't waking up now, the better.
>Even in Germany. "No, those Nais were the bad guys, we're good now
Not the same. Germany has been cucked since C.D. Jackson's Time Life's magazine empire control of their media 1946. Americans on the other hand, are taught in educational indoctrination that we have never done any wrong. Even though it was our soldiers who shot up the trains and brought around locked in starved to death cadavers to blame on Germans.
>you don't exactly need a neurosurgeon to drive a uhaul lorry
Funny you mention that. I ran a Uhaul business owned by a shady tax-avoiding boss by myself when I was younger. Renting out involved knowledge of Excel, frequent call-outs and a thorough understanding of legal documents to explain to customers that they must sign. I was paid bullshit illegal wages during my training, even though I'm white. Too bad I couldn't afford a lawyer back then.
>The finest blacksmith can't make much with impure steel.

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