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>Andrew Anglin
No way, if you look at a photo of Andrew Anglin and feel the energetic frequency of him, then compare it to the energetic frequency of Adolf Hitler, you'll be able to recognise the differences between their frequencies and notice how they don't match. Besides, Hitler's current incarnation wouldn't even be over the age of twenty-one yet since the energetic vibration that was contained in Adolf Hitler's skin-suit only would've left when Hitler died at around 60; it takes around thirty years (at this stage) for an person's energy to begin developing a new skin-suit.

If I've got the frequencies matched correctly, I would say that Hitler's reincarnate would be in an Australian teenager with Nordic-Anglo genes with the Nordic traits dominating; he would still really hate the Jews and would've most likely lost a lot of confidence after seeing the world hate him after all he did was try and improve it.