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You have come to the same conclusion I have. People will rise up under a charismatic leader against jewish hegemony so long as there is extreme suffering. It can be compared to the analogy of frogs in a pot. Brought to a slow boil, they'll gradually die. Increase the heat instantly, and they jump out.
>If the Jew were to cause collapse, what would happen?
What has happened before should again, provided there is a leader again to bring Aryans out of the abyss. Rudolf Havenstein was the kike who mass-printed the papiermark and caused hyperinflation. In 1932, there were around 270,000 German suicides. Around seven million were unemployed in Germany in 1933. In Hitler's first year, around 3,374,000 were brought back to employment. The rich no longer held influence, as everyone lost their wealth. As Hjalmar Schacht tried to stabilize currency with goods and land, it was later made stable with the working class. Imagine a society that respects the working class. We sure as hell don't live in one now.
December 10, 1940 Berlin, Rheinmetall-Borsig works:
"My fellow countrymen, to take another instance where we are condemned: They claim to be fighting for the maintenance of the gold standard as the currency basis. That I can well believe, for the gold is in their hands. We, too, once had gold, but it was stolen and extorted from us. When I came to power, it was not malice which made me abandon the gold standard. Germany simply had no gold left. Consequently, quitting the gold standard presented no difficulties, for it is always easy to part with what one does not have. We had no gold. We had no foreign exchange. They had all been stolen and extorted from us during the previous fifteen years. But, my fellow countrymen, I did not regret it, for we have constructed our economic system on a wholly different basis. In our eyes, gold is not of value in itself. It is only an agent by which nations can be suppressed and dominated. When I took over the government, I had only one hope on which to build, namely, the efficiency and ability of the German nation and the German workingman; the intelligence of our inventors, engineers, technicians, chemists, and so forth. I built on the strength which animates our economic system. One simple question faced me: Are we to perish because we have no gold; am I to believe in a phantom which spells our destruction? I championed the opposite opinion: Even though we have no gold, we have the capacity for work. The German capacity for work is our gold and our capital, and with this gold I can compete successfully with any power in the world. We want to live in houses which have to be built. Hence, the workers must build them, and the raw materials required must be procured by work. My whole economic system has been built up on the conception of work. We have solved our problems while, amazingly enough, the capitalist countries and their currencies have suffered bankruptcy. Sterling can find no market today. Throw it at any one and he will step aside to avoid being hit. But our Reichsmark, which is backed by no gold, has remained stable. Why? It has no gold cover; it is backed by you and by your work. You have helped me to keep the mark stable. German currency, with no gold coverage, is worth more today than gold itself. It signifies unceasing production. This we owe to the German farmer, who has worked from daybreak till nightfall. This we owe to the German worker, who has given us his whole strength."