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Thank you for posting Sir Oswald Mosley.

This is for anyone to answer but I believe that in order for humans to change, they must be in the brink of destruction. When the people are desperate, they will change. This is what happened to Germany. They were moral and economically downtrodden. And in the midst of chaos, a man, and his followers rise up against the tyranical jew and put an end to his people's misery. Knowing this, do you think the Jew will cause a great econmic disaster again knowing full well what can happen? It seems like the Jew keeps people in a lull where they are just miserable enough to not get in the way of the Jews plans, but just content enough where they see no need to rebel. If the Jew were to cause collapse, what would happen? Will they have a controlled "resolution"? Or can someone truly rise again with the right message?