Anonymous 01/13/2018 (Sat) 18:48:11 Id: b0048f No.63107 del
So if we did envision a triangle with

A: culture (however you define it, not shitting in the street or in the sand at the beach, is how I would begin to define culture)

B: blud/race (again, speaks to above point about how, whatever your race, you should be fine being couped up with your own race. If you don't like your own race or being couped up with them, you're probably black, sorry to say. Again, this my value perception, being a white man living amongst white people and hvaing zero beefs with them, also when they fire their guns in the woods near me, it makes me feel safer, thus, this might also form overlap with group A: as guns are both tools and culture but are not genetics. I would trade genetics, to have guns. Again, a value assesment from me, a human who has dependent loved ones on my back to defend and feed and carry if shtf.

C: Language. This is where most of the lazy people and also Marxists shits and CERTAINLY THE KIKE, will dwell. And yet, tho I might say it's the weakest, well, it is an "intellectual" world that most humans pursue, that of "discussion" All I can say is that talking, precedes fighting. If you talked well, there is no fight. If words fail, one must defeat that enemy with all one has. I'd gladly spend ten years in prison to save the life of my loved one, by ripping the guts out of some asshole who brings deadly force to my doorstep. But what language do I speak?