Anonymous 01/13/2018 (Sat) 18:16:50 Id: 87f258 No.63102 del
On the contrary, though it sounds good to me, the phrase is too close to National Socialism. For instance, I've seen quite a few moronic twats try to imply ((Bernie Sanders)) socialism makes that kike a "Nazi". I have another 'ism' in mind. I'm going to have to re-word the tenets of the old guard, keeping out the most revealing truths until much later. I believe it would appeal to the people, protection and preservation of all races. Which is what it almost was before (not exactly, but respect for other races that wished to preserve their own). If Hitler were successful instead of deceived and disparaged by his kike doctor, I imagine the world would have followed suit with territories for specific races. We simply won't talk about jews in the open. Top ranking and most trusted members of a very small number will be given instructions to vet each lower ranking member's family history to keep them out. National Socialism remains on hold until the rebranded ideal spreads far enough to counteract jewish plots. Not simply one country, everywhere. The name I have chosen and the message may appeal to Libertards as well as Cuckservatives. After all, destruction of races by eliminating cultures through multiculturalism is racist. The message of preservation for each race and country as well as prevention of foreign influence is the key to unfucking our current systems. And then when educational systems are revamped from deception and worldwide media is taken back, promotion of the old guard and flags with the swastika will be flown. Jews will be surprised. It will be too late for them.

Everything here is hypothetical of course.