Anonymous 01/12/2018 (Fri) 05:25:12 Id: 5484d0 No.63089 del
>There is no fucking point to this world, so either something is changing or I'm peacing the fuck out
Do whatever you want, act on your instinct; follow the passions that you enjoy, or just kill yourself and let natural selection have its way with you.

>they don't send one ounce of help
Why would they? Humans are the equivalent of Ooga Booga cavemen who have had civilisations built for them without them even properly realising or processing that fact; if humans were able to realise that they were enslaved, then chose to do something about it, then they would deserve to be free, but currently, it appears that they're complacent with this extremely blatant control they have dwindling over them.

The creator of this universe is currently embodied as a human, when they die and enter the metaphysical realm, then they'll have the ability to actually do something about anything, but even then, when an entity enters the metaphysical realm, they look at everything subjectively anyway. Do you not think that the entity of the creator of this universe would look at humans and say "Well, they've been shown they're practically enslaved for multiple centuries now, and they still have decided to do nothing about it? Perhaps I should let them learn from their mistakes so their minds can evolve instead of helping them out of this. After all, they're already being spoonfed the answers, they just simply choose to not digest them properly.

>go to a new plateau
What new plateau? The Omniverse?

>[ghosts/spirits/metaphysical entities] are pissed off and wish to revenge-effect their murders
They aren't pissed because they see things subjectively, they'll only be pissed off about things when they re-enter a physical body in thirty years or so, and even then, they will only hate the surrounding context of what pissed them off (dogma, a type of abuse, etc.).