Anonymous 01/10/2018 (Wed) 01:13:07 Id: 46f962 No.63044 del
I like impartial truth, but the whole "white race" angle is a wholly American thing (as I've said before) based on skin color rather than on actual genetic heritage. Germany for the germans, France for the french, Sweden for the Swedish. Again, National Socialism isn't for the interests of a vague pseudo "white race" but for its own ethnic race, in Hitler's particular case, the Germans. Its why he cared for his German people rather than for whatever vague concept a "white race" is. To me it feels like, when I hear the term "white race" I immediately think controlled opposition, whether intentional or not. It only does two things, divide people who should name together against the common enemy, and purport that there is some form of unifying "white race" when in fact Europe is made of a diverse set of people with different genetic makeup that should be preserved (not diverse as in non European but as in how the French have long noses or the Germans have strong jawlines). Of course I also seek to preserve the culture therein that is tied to ones ethnicity and race.

I will say this, a somewhat decent message, but let's see what happens and who rise from the ashes once it all falls. Damn the Jews to hell and back. I hope all people, no matter where they come from, or who they are fight back against the jew and create ethnostates for their races.