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Protip: Hollow earth is not a physical location. It was originally an allegory about traversing into the depths of ones subconsciousness and discovering a hidden world there but retards took it literally.

Jews have their role in the greater order of things. Overcoming them is the path to godhood. On a personal, or a global level, each makes a difference. My people (race) can easily erase the Jews from existence. But my people have only manifested several times in human history, to a very limited extent, for very short time periods. NS Germany being one of them. They need the right conditions to physically manifest, at least in greater numbers. Conditions that global jewry is desperately trying to make impossible, for countless centuries, but it's their covenant after all. They have to keep this world resonating on a certain frequency.

>I still have hope that at least a small number of people have dabbled in the info.
That info would mean absolutely nothing to you if you have no prerequisite knowledge. The more you stray into the /x/ territory, the lesser is the chance to find the truth. And the truth is actually crazier than most annunaki theories. But you need the right cipher to properly navigate through the ocean of bullshit, disinfo and wild fantasies. An ocean of bullshit that gets larger the closer you get to the truth. Which is why such things are not meant to be publicly discussed, and why this board should stick to "earthly" politics.