Anonymous 01/02/2018 (Tue) 11:56:39 Id: aec633 No.62909 del
>you shouldn't concern yourself with meta-entities
I've personally already resolved the problem for myself; I have set in stone my personal ideologies, will already not be miscegenating, developed confidence to socialise incredibly, have aligned chakras, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jews were even behind pushing the "Jews are too big for you to defeat!" shit I see on here sometime. They'll be wiped from existence sooner or later.

>because they are not for the uninitiated
I still have hope that at least a small number of people have dabbled in the info.

>dad working in Nintendo
Heh, I get it now, but no. I want to see what people here know, and to clear up disinfo surrounding the topic.

>the base is in the hollow earth
The hollow Earth is Annunaki based theory, moon-base is NatSoc.

>and some image would have slipped by this point.
I mean, if there was a species with the technology to create a base on the moon, I can only imagine that they'd also have the information to cloak it.

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