Anonymous 01/02/2018 (Tue) 01:52:33 Id: 1e890c No.62890 del
Global (((elites))) do possess the technology that's quite ahead of what's commonly available to people, but it's hard to mention it without disinfo shills going full space hitler, ebul nayzee necromancers and ayy lmao about it.

The most important areas being genetics, IT and bioinformatics. Also, "signal-processing" and field theories, but Jewish robotic consciousness lacks the intuition to apply those properly.

And NS Germany didn't achieve such tremendous technological advances just like that. When you look in the right direction, you start getting the right answers. Some of it was a consequence of their rejection of "Jewish (Mostly Einsteinian) physics" and consideration of alternative, historically repressed models.

That technology have defined the modern era by Soviets and amerikikes stealing it and later releasing it to the consumer market.