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Good read, thanks. I'm still pretty certain that there is an unique element to Jewish race, that's only using a mixture of many others to better manifest it's potential. A certain genetic strain, the original program.

>What's incorrect with how I describe them?
You give them too much credit for what's going on in the world. Also, your entire premise is wrong. Also, you shouldn't concern yourself with meta-entities until you have resolved the physical, three dimensional, empirically verified problems and threats.

There are serious occult and non-human forces at play here, but I generally avoid discussing such things because they are not for the uninitiated, and for a very good reason.

And by your dad working in Nintendo I mean that you are a typical "my dad works for CIA, ask me anything" 4chan larper that needs to go back.

Speaking of Danes, I always found something odd about some of them, something non-Germanic and degenerate, but I couldn't put my finger to it. Anyone has good info on historic Jews in Denmark?