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It is said of the history of the tribe of Dan, that they settled into a new land and called it "Dan" (Danish/Denmark). Disinfo on this is also the source of the anti-Irish poster's former rage, whom I haven't seen here in awhile, because conflicting reports suggest the tribe of Dan "became the Irish". Maybe that's what pissed off anti-Irish guy, but I doubt it. It seems to me to be much more personal, and he never admitted why. As for the remaining tribes, there's a DeviantArt disinfo agent suggesting they were spread worldwide. "12TribesOfIsrael" suggests Naphtali is Argentina and Chile, Reuben the Seminole Indians, Gad - North American Indians, Ephraim - Puerto Ricans, Manasseh - Cubans, Zebulun - Guatemalans, Issachar - Mexicans, Asher- Columbians and Uraguay, Simeon - Dominicans, Levi - Haitians, Judah - "the Negroes" (now you see, 12Tribes user is a biased nigger), and Benjamin - West Indians. Not one of those are Aryan, so I have little objection to the negro's belief. Though they were likely less scattered as was suggested, and remained located in the region of pic related, with the exception of the tribe of Dan.