Anonymous 12/30/2017 (Sat) 18:09:40 Id: 8585b2 No.62836 del
(178.18 KB 709x959 JIDF shit.jpg)
>Even Hitler thought that anything below a 3/4 Jew was ok.
It's just like jews to push "jews are okay".
>Referencing a kike girl is relevant to a thread about Annunaki and exopolitics
It is when they're both roots of lies. Literal roots. Bitch dyes her hair to pretend to be white.
Original: I know humanity means nothing but the goyim to you
Your lie: Humanity means nothing.
You just keep lying your ass off. Can't help it, like I told you. It's in your blood.
>oyoyooyoyoyoyo im a BIG KIKE
At least you finally admit it.
>Humans are the species of glorified primates, Jews are also human (never forgetti)
>implying non-jews are glorified monkeys
You keep revealing yourself.
>this chan - which I once thought actually held substance of something more than shit-tier discussion
Shit-tier discussion indeed.
>dirty, kike slurs

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