Anonymous 12/30/2017 (Sat) 16:20:35 Id: aec633 No.62834 del
>A little or a lot of jew blood still makes one a jew.
What are you going to do if you ever take a DNA test and find you have 1.37% kike in your blood? Even Hitler thought that anything below a 3/4 Jew was ok.

>Referencing her is very relevant to this thread
>Referencing a kike girl is relevant to a thread about Annunaki and exopolitics

>ayy lmao aliens
Memes not included.

>humanity means nothing
Are you retarded? If humanity meant nothing, then why would it exist in the first place?

>superior chosenite
oyoyooyoyoyoyo im a BIG KIKE

>but non-jews are really not that incapable of comprehension

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