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Evidence upon evidence, and yet this Annunaki story pusher is triggered because he thinks I called him a kike, which I did not. Admitting he's part Danish was on him. The tribe of Dan being jews is nothing anyone can control. It is what it is. OP should be asking himself, "Why lie all the time?". In the same vein as those rejects who believe they're wolves, foxes, men or women trapped in the wrong bodies or people with Renfield's syndrome thinking they're centuries old vampires when those don't exist; OP needs to face facts and realize this delusion isn't helping as the only thing that's causing lying to himself and others is his Israelite tribe of Dan blood.
>Everything you say about her and being Danish is irrelevant to the thread. My Danish blood is the least prominent of all my blood anyway.
A little or a lot of jew blood still makes one a jew. Referencing her is very relevant to this thread. She came in the guise of a white person and tried to make others believe she's on their side when she's just a jewess and she spread lies. Same principle.
>"You're descended from the tribe of Dan by your own admission"
Trying to shrink away from your Israelite blood? You can't. Don't even try.
>Calm your paranoia, you imply that anybody outside of chan culture doesn't already think /pol/ is insane.
You're certainly not fucking helping by adding drops of ayy lmao aliens to the mix.
>Do you really think they'd release the info?
You underestimate humanity's capability to comprehend information, or you're pretending to. I know humanity means nothing but the goyim to you while you're the "superior chosenite", but non-jews are really not that incapable of comprehension.
>If this thread bothers you so much, why don't you just fuck off to another?
Disinfo is spread all over 8cucks, while questioning it is immediately banworthy. Not so here, even if you can't realize your delusion is pure disinfo because you've spent enough time in the lie you convinced yourself of it as well. It bothers you that I'm telling the truth and shaking this delusion, doesn't it? That's why you want me to fuck off.