Anonymous 12/30/2017 (Sat) 14:59:55 Id: aec633 No.62828 del
>lying your ass off
I'm not.

>you have encountered fucking aliens and you believe that's incredulous?
Well, after you've been through what I've been through, you can't exactly help feeling as if everybody should already know this.

>Lauren Southern
First pic you posted of her bleeds of metpahysical, Annunaki energy. But nevertheless, I didn't care about this Trump shill before, and I still don't care about her now. Everything you say about her and being Danish is irrelevant to the thread. My Danish blood is the least prominent of all my blood anyway.

>You're descended from the tribe of Dan by your own admission

>"ayyy lmao please believe in aliens I want to make this community look batshit insane"
Calm your paranoia, you imply that anybody outside of chan culture doesn't already think /pol/ is insane.

>Until there is public record of aliens

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