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>Y-yes goy! We were the original whites! T-that's right! It says so right here in our book we made! :^)
I doubt the Talmud implies white anywhere, and I'm against kikes. Danes are kikes. Lauren Southern (Simonsen) included.

>I'm not.
Troll or delusional, same result.
>I don't think this one can.
It's not impossible, only improbable.
>That's because I'm not lying,
Yes you are. You've never met these Annunaki, because they don't exist.
>what benefit would it do me to lie?
Lying is as natural to the jew as breathing. The only times jews are not lying are when they're exposing their own, or when they're asleep. Even then, they're dreaming about how they're going to cheat or swindle non-jews.
Personal anecdote time
When I was a kid, neighbor girls tried to convince me of "kitty heaven", a friend tried to sell that he was Superman but "didn't feel like lifting the house now" and another tried to convince me he was an alien. Two points: 1) It was childish 2) I wasn't gullible then, and I'm not now either.

But hey, now you can move to Hollywood and explain for acting tryouts that you're part tribe of Dan and thus jewish. Eventually your natural imaginative tendency to lie will make you rich, and you'll have connections. Watching the Aryan race die out as your brethren rub their hands together laughing is a small price to pay, isn't it? To most kikes, it's a bonus.