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>I was contacted and directly worked on by Annunaki. I've seen them before, and can say that they look fairly similar to us in shape (around 5'7" on average I'd say),
>their skin colour can change, but at default it's like a mix of European-Asian, and of course the scaly skin they have;
>they grow hair, have pointier fingers, beadier eyes, pressed-in ears and thinner faces.
>The only other way you can recognise them is by feeling into their metaphysical being.
You may not be a CIA nigger, but you're definitely a troll.
>it's not as if you can simply wipe them off the face of Earth
Yes you can. The silly kikes gave us a fucking roadmap when they were making shit up about the hollowhoax. Come to power through rising hatred of their evils, and gas over 14 million of the fucking kikes.
>I'm a blend of Croatian, British and Danish
There we go. Tribe of Dan. It's not the Croatian blood that's making you lie to us.