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>Subverted by CIA niggers is another possibility
True, but I've dealt with multiple government agents before and have experienced enough to keep my mind from subversion by them. When I talk about this, I refer purely to direct contact and not listening to some online conspiracy theorist. I don't get any of my information from any online conspiracy theorists because a lot of them have incorrect info one way or another.

>You've never seen the Annunaki
I was contacted and directly worked on by Annunaki. I've seen them before, and can say that they look fairly similar to us in shape (around 5'7" on average I'd say), their skin colour can change, but at default it's like a mix of European-Asian, and of course the scaly skin they have; they grow hair, have pointier fingers, beadier eyes, pressed-in ears and thinner faces. Of course, you can usually only distinguish whether or not a person is actually Annunaki by the way their eyes look (because eyes are the window to a person's metaphysical being). The only other way you can recognise them is by feeling into their metaphysical being.

>Annunaki, reptilians, shape-shifting lizard people
You've just said;
>Annunaki, Annunaki, Annunaki with an essence of disinfo.

>a distraction from the actual enemy
This is exactly what I thought before I believed anything to do with Annunaki and exopolitics. I absolutely denied everything about the subjects unless there was physical evidence proving it like there is with the Jews, but now because of the things I've personally witnessed and experienced, I find it a lot easier to believe. I didn't come here expecting anybody to believe me, I'm here to see if anybody else would've known about it already.

>because they believe anti-semitism is a mental illness
None of the info I've recieved from Annunaki has had anything to do with anti-semitism being a mental illness, the closest thing that the Annunaki have said from a pro-Jewish perspective has been: "The Jewish elite on your planet are problematic, but it's not as if you can simply wipe them off the face of Earth; it simply can't happen that way."

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