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>>It was real in my mind
What are you referring this to? Also, why sage if you're contributing to the thread?

>it's easier to believe that you are enslaved by some kind of extra-terrestrial species with godlike powers than lowly kikes who bleed as much as you do.
It's less of an enslavement, and more of a distraction until humans are capable of surviving on their own without wiping out their own species.

>godlike powers
Their powers are the exact same as ours because we are just the same species that had different alterations in our histories; the only thing different they really have that gives them an advantage is advanced technology (due to longer lifespan, meaning more development).

>than lowly kikes
A lot of the self-aware Annunaki choose to go into the bodies of kikes so they can reap all of those tribal, Jewish benefits. On our fractal, Jews will eventually lose the power they wield at the moment; after the mass majority of people realise the truth about the Jews, they will eventually become - once again - reviled until they become a recluse group of people from society.

>they want you to feel powerless
I've never felt powerless in comparison to Annunaki theory, are you more-so referring to the conspiracy theorists that push the disinfo surrounding this topic?