Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 00:09:28 Id: 3609cf No.62727 del
>This guy should be hit by a bus
I usually classify any websites on Annunaki or general exopolitics as disinfo.

>So why are you here?
I've been here for years.

>this "information" is pretty much useless
All politics on this planet are controlled by exopolitical leaders, it's more useful once you have an idea of the bigger picture.

>some Annunaki secret to become a bulletproof super strong √úbermensch.
Annunaki practically are the Ubermensch in comparison to humanity.

>The Beer Hall Putsch / Hitler-Ludendorff-Putsch.
Thank you, that's the one.

>NatSocs were sent to a hidden base on the moon

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