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I came across someone mentioning the Annunaki, as well as a bunch of other crazy shit. h ttp:// This guy should be hit by a bus. So why are you here? Other than the fact that end/x/ is dead.Other than if you explained a reproducible means of time travel to us, this "information" is pretty much useless. Or if there was some Annunaki secret to become a bulletproof super strong √úbermensch.
>during that march where the NatSoc members were shot in the street by the police (I forget it's name)
The Beer Hall Putsch / Hitler-Ludendorff-Putsch.
>the key NatSocs were sent to a hidden base on the moon and kept until the time was right for them to be brought back
Alrighty then. Pic related.
>but their children were taught the ways of National Socialism and apparently are supposed to return in the future and act as advisors for the new government on Earth
Not after de-nazification and heavy penalties for being a "sympathizer".

I'm not sure if you realize this, in your state of mind. This is all useless to us.