Anonymous 12/26/2017 (Tue) 21:28:07 Id: 3609cf No.62723 del
>there's a secret organization of underground National Socialists
From what I know, NatSocs being hidden underground is utter disinfo. What I ended up discovering was that during that march where the NatSoc members were shot in the street by the police (I forget it's name), the key NatSocs were sent to a hidden base on the moon and kept until the time was right for them to be brought back; the Annunaki became fairly supremacist during the time this happened, they didn't want a human to control a civilisation or really have any power in general. The Annunaki by this point where at about the seventh generation, but have since been overthrown by a more sympathetic-towards-humans government, primarily because another species known as the 'Drahk' would've had the Annunaki punished for their crimes against humanity.

>No self-respecting old-guard National Socialist group holding various government titles would have let this happen.
I think all of the original National Socialists died of old age, but their children were taught the ways of National Socialism and apparently are supposed to return in the future and act as advisors for the new government on Earth after the Annunaki have been removed completely. The removal process of Annunaki first happened at the beginning of December, 2017.