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>Where did you get the whole "trying to save us from hellfire in the future" thing from?
I'm part of a tightly wound network of people who practice metaphysics; we didn't really know about anything exopolitical until we started practicing meta and found metaphysical energies that were different to most humans.

There are two things I need to lay on the table before I get into explaining this;
1. Time only exists as a measurement, and is only a means on how to comprehend the infinite, fractalised expansion of our universe (which was developed to practically harness energy for the omniverse; this is the purpose of all universes in our multiverse.)
2. Annunaki and Humans are the same species, just like all other extra-terrestrial species in our universe.

To my understanding, the Annunaki were originally vastly similar to humans, but they ended up going to war with themselves and basically destroyed their own planet and were forced to bunker underground. Because the Annunaki had to live underground for so long, they adapted to the heat of the burning planet (which is where they developed the scaly skin), and they adapted to the darkness (which is why they developed their large, beady eyes).

After a long time, Annunaki had learned to metaphysically return to an earlier part of the fractilised universe and try and prevent the species from being wiped out. This is why the Annunaki built up all of the civilisations; some think it was like slavery, but I don't really see it like that because humans on the majority are extremely primitive.

Because an earlier stage of the fractilised universe was altered, it doesn't mean that the fractal has been altered in the future, but instead an offspring of the fractal has been created; there's a fucktonne of these because species in our universe have been doing this for longer than we can even comprehend.