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What makes you think that kikes didn't spend decades carefully analyzing Hitler's rise to power and devising means to prevent something like that from ever occurring again? They even went as far as targeting certain "gifted" children before they become a threat. This is not the 30's , if you want to have even the slightest influence, you will have to think 3 steps ahead and rely on extremely advanced procedures. Going door to door in times where information takes nano-seconds to spread won't do you any good. Times are very grim and everything seems lost, but sooner or later a window of opportunity will open due to convergence of certain forces. It is this moment that you need to prepare for, as it will be your one and only chance in this cycle.

>Especially considering lend-lease of 1939 which allowed the USSR the resources to overpower Germany.
Why do Americans always have to over-estimate their role in historical events? Your historical role has been negligible other than being a beating stick of the global Jewry post-WW2. But I digress, I don't want to stray off-topic.

Very well put. I was contemplating creating a fully autonomous, fully decentralized intelligence agency that relies on information sanctity and common goals rather than traditional command structures. It would also be highly modular and compartmentalized so every individual or group could support only the goals that they agree with, without having an idea about the "bigger picture" , or needing to. Also, without entering into a conflict due to differences and D&C attacks. For example, getting moderate conservatives fight certain forms of social decay along with hardcore national socialists, without them operating as a part of the same organization. Something akin to "legion" mode that brought /pol/ huge initial success. Anything that advances the endgame is a success, as long as it's net contribution is above zero (positive effects minus possible negative effects, extrapolated)

A creature without any capacity for sympathy, self-reflection, and goals other than pure materialistic gamification of life might seem impossible to crack, and physical extermination of them might seem like the only possible solution, but their psyche is much more frail than it appears to be. They are highly mentally unstable and yet highly predictable in their actions. One could enhance their self-destructive tendencies by applying the right psychological pressure. Also, they tend to behave like simple AI, lacking the mental "depth" , which gives a lot of space for exploits.

How about focusing on things that are the root of kike power? Financial speculation for instance. You can cut the roots of a tree and then let the wind simply push it over, without touching it on the surface. Drain the water, and fish will suffocate. But also measures need to be taken to prevent them from hopping to another lake, something which they are very apt in. And if the alternative is a relatively kike-proof system, they you need to prevent them using the whole world to destroy it.