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>You tell me this as if I don't already know.
The topic was of executing degenerates. The subject of gas chambers never existing but for lice was brought up because Psychological Warfare unintentionally gave us the guideline of what should be done. That should clarify what I mean.
>I don't think the problem with interracial relationships has anything to do with skin colour
Yes, yes. Skin color doesn't matter to you. Love your nigger neighbors and all of that multicultural bullshit as well as breed out the Aryan race. Got it.
>if I get banned for trying to discuss a topic
That wasn't it at all. It's your poisonous viewpoint as well as a snotty sarcastic "better than us" attitude. As a matter of fact, your ID is now 70b115. It was 9036af. That means it switched. Bit contradictory, don't you think?
>White's duh best!"
>It's not about the colour of your skin that made Europe the greatest continent in the world,
>it was the culture that developed there by the Europeans, not The People With White Skin.
>How shallow can your mind be?
Are you getting the picture yet? We don't allow that kind of shit here. That is nothing but anti-white, no matter how much back-pedaling you do.
>I couldn't really tell whether or not you were a shill trying to enable OP to go out and start doing retarded, radical shit. And I'm still not doubting that's not the case.
Then you haven't read through the thread and picked up on further discussions on the subject. Do that.
>there's not exactly anybody in power at the moment,
"Anybody"? Are you mental? We've do nothing but point out the problems of who's in power here.
>and whether or not you're developing some master scheme to raise a second Hitler

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