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>Homicidal gas chambers simply did not happen. There were smaller chambers for lice. Those work camps weren't only for jews.
You tell me this as if I don't already know.

>Interracial relationships outlawed
I'm just going to clear something up here: Firstly, I don't think the problem with interracial relationships has anything to do with skin colour, but instead culture and history. Secondly, I don't think that interracial relationships are good at all, but I can't realistically deny the high possibility that eventually, the entirety of humanity will be an entirely different race. But, I believe that the only way this should happen is by the natural process of expansion of countries.

>You actually thought the intended platform would be "go forth and kill publicly"?
Your first posts in this thread really seemed to push in that direction.

I'm not anti-Aryan, I see that the native people in their own countries should collectively breed with each for as long as possible, and only then expand their bloodline into other, bordering countries through breeding with their people as well. For example, the Germanic people would eventually end up breeding with the Italians, French, Yugoslavs and so on.

>You're clearly an IP hopper, so the ban was more to send a message than anything else.
IP hopper? Look, if I get banned for trying to discuss a topic, then I'm not going to IP hop because I'll just get banned again. I am not that obsessed with trying to prove I'm right over you, I just think it's healthy to debate ideas.

I'm not anti-Aryan, I'm not anti-anything. All cultures (people are part of culture) should concern themselves with developing their own people and the state of their homeland, this includes removing of degenerates, but I'm going to clarify what my original problem was with you;

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