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How long have you avoided television? When the media's pushing "it's okay to go black" "you're racist if you don't" and multicultural relationships in sitcoms and their favorite drama shows constantly, as well as movies, of course women are susceptible. What, do you believe the bullshit narrative of a "strong woman"? Women aren't strong by nature, mentally or physically compared to us. That would be the only issue if it wasn't for white men seeking nigger women. They are weak as well. The traitors deserve to be culled. My own baby boomer father's susceptible to the brainwashing, so don't act like it's an invalid observation. The man was strong physically, and strong willed when he was young. Now he's a grandpa, feeble in body and mind. Every visit from him is about the evil white cops killing those innocent dindu muffins and Trump so based. Bringing up horrendous articles of niggers murdering white families and low T at the western wall doesn't work on him. "That wasn't on the news!" or "who cares about the jews" is his response. He is now a prime example of the worst kind of person, and it's all clearly due to never stopping with watching television, as complained by my mother. We're visiting them this Christmas. It's going to be hell.