Anonymous 12/23/2017 (Sat) 03:25:25 Id: 8a4643 No.62555 del
All I wanted is to stop playing victim for once and try to uncover the actual root of the problem. Are Jews forcing white women to have children with niggers at a gun point? Of course not, they CHOOSE to do so. You might argue that they are exposed to every form of manipulation and social pressure possible, but still, it's their weakness and choice, albeit a very bad one.

If you have two white women, one having a child with nigger, and one not, then it's evolution at work. The selection mechanism of the first one is inferior, and needs to be removed from the gene pool as it compromises countless thousands of years of evolution so any potential good traits are negated by that. Same goes for mentally and genetically deficient individuals who are bound to become drug addicts, or get AIDS. The problem is that we cannot afford this kind of selection as it will bring our extinction. So certain more conscious, less instinctive measures need to be taken. Of course, all that I'm saying is just a point of view that's rarely taken out of fear to sound "divisive" or go against the stream.

>a website that's like "Wikileaks" but primarily focused on the kikes.
This is what /pol/ ought to be before they took over most chans. You'd need one hell of secure server and someone who cannot be bought or coerced running it.