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>That's because the people that fall for these tricks are often submissive in nature, meaning that they require a dominant to follow.

Most people are natural "followers" , that however does not mean that they should be susceptible to petty manipulation. There is the inherent hierarchy, and then there is the false one. First one is kingdom of the Aryan, second is kingdom of the Jew. Virtues vs vices.

The idea that I wanted to consider in this thread [b](I by no means present is as the only viable option, just a possibility)[/b] is that white people might need some culling of the inferior and purging of the ranks if they are to survive. Pretty much every Aryan nation did that, Spartans being a good example. Hitler advocated eugenics. My point is, the more superior people you have - the less your nation is susceptible to corruption. And vice versa. Elitism is necessary, but it needs to encompass entire society. If you want the tree to grow, you need to cut off sick branches from time to time.

>This is why philosophers in the past have encouraged humans to be individualistic
And genuine collectivism can only be possible as a collective of individuals. Otherwise it descends into tyranny and gives birth to toxic "individualism" of the modern kind (that's ironically extremely single-minded) This is why people with strong individualistic background are more likely to truly understand political philosophies like National Socialism where individualism and society (collectivism) are integrated into a greater whole.

>They're not seeming to do anything about it
Why? What makes most people content with their futile existence? Why do they lack the desire to be something greater? It's truly hard seeing them as equal.

>It just has to be an extremely long lesson
It's in a downward spiral, the more time passes, the narrower the opening for learning anything becomes. Not for learning, for understanding. The decay is growing stronger as this world synces with the proverbial "hell" more and more due to the sheer pressure caused by the exponential growth of bad decisions. It takes nothing short of living gods to counter it.

>Ubermensch is an individual thing to become

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