Anonymous 12/23/2017 (Sat) 01:54:28 Id: 8a4643 No.62552 del
>You're treading on thin ice with that false statement.
What exactly is false about it? Jews have little to no direct power over me and many others lurking in here. Why? Because we are better than them. We do have to play by their rules though, because they control the society, and we are a part of the society. And since that pretty much extends to a global level today, there are no alternatives to choose. Ergo, they have almost complete indirect power over us, and it's getting worse every day. That power lies in manipulating people inferior to us and then using their numbers as a leverage.

"Traitors" is a rather simple-minded phrase, how can someone betray something that he was never willingly a part of? Have you ever wondered, what is it exactly that makes them "traitors"? It's weakness. Character flaws. Or genetic inferiority. Defeatism? Defeatism is expecting a sick donkey to be a racing horse.

>Why would we be concerned with giving condoms to niggers? Their spread should be controlled.
Answered your own question there.