Anonymous 12/23/2017 (Sat) 01:29:53 Id: c7169b No.62550 del
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OP new secret meme the "kike yoke" which is inside the kike egg, hence gold. Funny hunh? You thought of it OP, you get the credit. Oh wait, which came first the credit or the yoke? :lol: Now I am gonna go make some yomlettes, get it? Seriously tho, even an egg can be made into so many different things. So when kikes get gold, do they make a good nation as Hitler tried to do, with gold paper? No, JP Morgan, as anon above pointed out, crushed the German gold mark. So they blow bubble out of gold, math, etc, but none of that causes the actual gold to slip from their Scrooge-like fingers. No, their schemes and Wizard of Oz hot air and levers and DC emerald cities, is all designed to hold the scarecrows and tin men and Dorothy's at bay until time to escape to [insert escape location here].