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>as not all Jews inside mafia are kikes?
I'm thinking you mean not all mafia members are kikes. That would make more sense. Jews = kikes. It stems from jewish migrants signing their names with a circle instead of an x because it resembled the cross too much. Something about the Yiddish word for circle being pronounced kikel.
>also they have Jewish blood, they will tell you this, so you can't avoid the discussion because to them, mixing blood and crime in a way of life.
Not all Italians have jewish blood. I'm not Italian myself, but I grew up among many races. America's a literal hell of a mixing pot, especially in the east. Italians get pissed when they're accused of being jews. An Italian girl I knew is now awake to the jewish question, thanks to myself. They've got subtlety down to a science. Their bloodlines stemmed from Romans, who were Aryans. Of course there are much mixed mutts from their Renaissance time period of occupation, Spaniard, Ethiopian and kikery, especially in those shitskin Italians of the south. Black hair and olive skin is of mutts, though so often portrayed by mexicans in Hollywood movies. Banks came from the Renaissance as well. The old term used to be "banco" for bench. In jewish slums of Italy, kikes loaned money with high interest as they sat on benches. Now banco means bank. As is usual for many countries, the north is more blonde and light-eyed (blue or green) because those are mixed Germanic. Not 100% free of shitskins by a long shot. Italy's being invaded by blacks and Muslims as much as other European nations. Don't remember where I screencaptured this from. They were obviously Axis allies in WW2. Aryans of the mentioned regions should be considered. This is why family trees are important. To have jewry in one's lineage and not know it is the same as letting a subversive into the ranks. Those that claim they're not jews and we're "insane" that attack Natsoc, I suspect they have jewish blood without even knowing it. I sought my family tree immediately upon awakening to ((their)) schemes. My plan was if I had any jews in my lineage, I would've blown my brains out. I'm still here. Any group started should follow the same rule.

Christopher Columbus by the way, he was a Genoan Italian jew sadistic piece of shit. h ttp://w Yet white americans are still blamed for the ethnic genocide of native americans when it was kikes. Same for the trans-atlantic slavetrade, same for most blame on us. This pisses me off to no end. On the rare occasion I see another white person other than my wife and children, I'm sure to inform them whether they want to hear it or not.