Anonymous 12/23/2017 (Sat) 00:42:58 Id: c7169b No.62546 del
You also made excellent points about the mafie: Italy versus the mafia: Jews (as not all Jews inside mafia are kikes? Meh who knows) The point I would say is that "outside the lines of court" is where the real world happens. That is a disturbing thing to many people. Yes I agree with you, Italian Guidos had more honor and less love of sheckles we see that from the GF movies. But also they have Jewish blood, they will tell you this, so you can't avoid the discussion because to them, mixing blood and crime in a way of life. I would say the American 18th COTUS amendment which probihibited booze made them so rich (both kikes and dagos and the good guys on either team as well) and also built the Feds (FBI) that basically, shredding the COTUS is fuel for these people.