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Hitler absolutely used their tactics against him. He rebranded their poisonous socialism and made it work on a national level, removing their plan to destroy the entire state system from the mix. You won't find many that know as much about him as I do. I can easily rebuke any disparaging deception either a subversive or indoctrinated can bring up. See the speech from the text document: >>62032 Friday 15th, August 1920. He turned the jewish plot of a master race on it's head and used it against Germany's enemies. However, if you're insinuating that he "was kiked", that's an entirely different accusation that would happen to be false. This is another issue. The jews (particularly Mossad and IDF) use(+d) tactics against us that we have not and do not use against them. The Italian mafia. Do you think it had such prominence as Hollywood had led people to believe? It did not. When the jewish mafia was being revealed against their wishes, movies about the Italian mafia started being released in increasing numbers. And what the Hollywood portrayal of the wop mafia has done is actually what the jew mafia does. Yet we don't engage in those tactics. I believe it's a mistake not to use the enemys' tactics against them. Yes, Hitler sought his own monetary system to control. Work credit certificates and a reform of the system by Hjalmar Schacht. That's another means to remove the power of international bankster Zionists. Devalued money. The rich no longer able to hold onto their wealth. Jewish bankers Jakob Goldschmidt and Rudolf Havenstein mass printed money to solve Germany's debt problem, causing the hyperinflation. The Rentenmark was issued, as Papiermarks were worthless, then Reichsmarks. The jewish bankers no longer had power without their precious money, yet still thought they could maintain control. It was naive. History often repeats itself. (I am aware that Patton was killed with an empty needle in the hospital after two army trucks hit him, on separate occasions).
Don't worry, I won't. As a matter of fact, it's key that if you spread this information on starting groups, that you both never reveal your symbol online as well as inform others not to do so as well. The plan? Spread it to as many as you can, and don't worry about jews finding out. This will make them more paranoid. "Which group is it? Who could they possibly be?" I laugh, thinking if enough people did this, kikes would start attacking every movement in sight and reveal themselves more publicly.