Anonymous 12/22/2017 (Fri) 21:48:50 Id: 87f258 No.62536 del
Shame them? They're not ashamed. That's the problem. They know they have such power now that they're open about it. The scenario then lies in what would happen if they were to suddenly start dropping like flies. Jews are not brave. They're terrified of their Palestinian neighbors, even children. That's laughably pathetic of them. Yet if someone who was National Socialist or neo-nazi was caught eliminating the infestation, a public spectacle would be made of them.
>I seek to either become or help someone that would become the one after him.
Same. I've even designed the modern equivalent of what he should wear, the new soldiers' uniforms, what the new symbol free and clear of the old stigma should be, as well as what I've already posted on how to go about it. Of course, no easily identifiable Chaplin mustache for some time. I believe a new movement could be brought forward to a significant amount before the jews would catch on, provided they aren't riled by referencing them in public. Those at the top would know all our intentions, especially that which cannot be told to the people until control is achieved. Those at the bottom would remain at a need to know basis, with demands that should be safe to be publicized. After control is maintained and media is seized to counteract ((their)) narratives, the leader's image would of course change. The old symbols brought forward, mass produced, everywhere.