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>he doesn't know about Nazi-Sozi
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>"speak for Hitler"
I speak for myself, and I seek to either become or help someone that would become the one after him.
>You don't represent every user for this board
Such extreme promotion of individualism as seen in any of (((Ayn Rand's))) books demonizing any collective terminology in order to totally reject everything that comes after "we", how sad. If this was almost a hundred years ago, any noble patriotic genius who loves their own can join any broken system and change it all from within, but nowadays, there's much more layers of defense and offense to prevent anyone from changing any regime, even by sheer physical force. There absolutely needs to be an intelligence service/agency that can orchestrate operations and it can't be a public facing one or else it will immediately get thrown into the trash. A one man job had turned into a multi man job in order to attack the enemy at all sides and efficiently trying to decode/decipher disinformation and information for the past, present, even the future that is to come to act accordingly based on such variables to stay afloat in the sea of chaos blowing the winds of confusion that keeps us away from the destination. There needs to be a captain to run the ship, but there will be a first mate and everything else that comes with managing the ship. Becoming the captain is not the end goal and it never was the only point on the journey to the destination, and those that can't even map the location or even see a need for a map has no sense of direction and are only in it for the ride. Well guess what, once you reached your destination, the boat doesn't matter, the end justifies the means and the means to the end cannot be done alone, it never was done alone.

I know that the jew or not jew site is ran by some kikes which I'm not talking about that aspect, but the sheer archived database of who's a kike or not for a public facing propaganda front to shame any public kikes.

Nazis in education, employment, or training can (secretly) volunteer in their free time while those Nazis not in education, employment, or training pretty much have nothing else better to do but to dedicate their lives on what matters. Anyone can talk about these things but doing it requires lots and lots of time, the recruiting process itself is the biggest hurdle there is. Everything else would fall into place if there's enough brilliant people to get it running almost autonomously so that it can resist revolution from within while accepting genuine criticism from the outside, a proper social membrane between the noble and the profane.