Anonymous 12/22/2017 (Fri) 20:25:12 Id: 87f258 No.62534 del
All these disparaging tactics ITT by this anti-white, mocking, catty and sarcastic nigger. These are the sort of tactics the enemy uses. When they attack like this, they consider you a threat. I've said it before and I'll provide it again.
1) intjewrywonww2 and Collect all speeches: >>62032 Understand, grasp, summarize.
2) Imitate the mannerisms and strong emotional drive of Hitler, and how to get your message across in English is evidence by Charles Coughlin.
3) There are far too many jews infiltrating and calling it unironically "Nazism". Frank Collin (Cohen), Michael Peinovich+Ames Friedman, Kevin Wilshaw, Jason Kessler, Dan Burros, Bill White, James Alex Fields Jr. It's to keep the movements from ever gaining traction. You must rebrand
4) Hitler had the symbol designed with the swastika. It was relatively new to the Germans. No baggage was attached before the liars of Psychological Warfare weaseled their way into Buchenwald. The time for re-imagining is necessary.
5) Join a party of 7, recruit door to door, gain the attention of a local newspaper, rise to leadership, remove jews from their positions of authority. Require: Family tree charts This is NOT optional. No jews in your party, ever.
6) Fight off jewish and Zionist non-jew attacks, which are going to increase for every meeting. You will need to kick their asses and send them out.
7) When your following amasses 600, you march on a meeting of politicians and make demands. They will refuse. The response will be bloody murder. The Blutfahne is related to this.
8) In prison, write the book of your struggle. Get out early on good behavior.
9) Frequent public speeches to rally the people, campaigning to lead the nation.
10) Refuse all requests for capitulation to Israel. In case you're not aware, every congressman must sign a form indicating this. Congress needs to go.
11) Rise to power, assume command in the government, as communists engage in terrorist attacks and become enemies of the state.
12) After a serious terrorist attack by Marxist cunts (Antifa) on a major government building, you require Chancellorship. Become the next Fuhrer.
13) Realize that if Hitler was far more paranoid, having coastal and border forts built as well as radar and anti-aircraft everywhere, plus sending out capable hit-squads that MAINTAINED radio silence against jew-subverted leaders, he might've won.

Especially considering lend-lease of 1939 which allowed the USSR the resources to overpower Germany. Operation long-jump was a monumental failure. Their radio transmissions were intercepted, plans revealed to the enemy. The targets were Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. Training capable assassins is as important as training strong soldiers.