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Funny. I'm not "not in education employment or training". I've a job. Allegedly, the jew or not jew site is supposed to be jewish ran. I've visited it a few times to find out about some eceleb anons were obsessed with.
>The capitalist elite? They're destroying society by ending bloodlines.
Right. I forgot to put "The capitalist elite" in quotes. You brought them up. I meant homosexuals and interracial miscegenation are destroying bloodlines, not "the elite" directly.
>making enough money to survive seems a lot more relevant of a problem than the same sex fucking the other
Already have the first problem taken care of on my part. The rest of society? Only if someone similar to Hitler took power.
>I've got a pretty strong intuitive feeling that MUH DEATHSKWADS aren't going to be executing degenerates anytime soon.
Of course there's no recent historical significance, even in National Socialist Germany. Homicidal gas chambers simply did not happen. There were smaller chambers for lice. Those work camps weren't only for jews. Gypsies and homosexuals, criminals who broke laws, traitors to the Third Reich. Interracial relationships outlawed.
>Who the fuck's going to be "coming to power"? You? I highly doubt it.
Not me. I will merely be the guide. I have a wife and children. I intend to raise a strong leader, or at least convince someone of the means to achieve power. Yes, I have that list as well.
>You haven't even begun to convince me that you're not still under the illusion of Left vs Right politics.
I don't give a damn about the left vs. right. Antifa, Trump supporters, pointless gullible followers.
>whimsical, radical, enabler who's going to get anybody who follows your advice on the terrorist watchlist or on their way to prison.
Anything I start would be subtle, not that open about it. You actually thought the intended platform would be "go forth and kill publicly"? Obviously, the work camps didn't work. Should a new movement that comes to power succeed, the fact of potential loss means a possibility of more atrocity propaganda.
>have you just gone around randomly in the street attacking degenerates? Clearly fucking not, because that is retarded

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