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>Nobody cares about philosophers
Philosophy isn't about being well known, it's about developing ideas and solutions about things science can't discover; seemingly rather important to many people, including yourself whether you realise it or not.

>He'll correct himself when he thinks it's necessary.
He won't correct himself if he doesn't realise he's incorrect in the first place. This board is for discussion, so anybody can correct anybody else.

>Do you want to make a confession?
I have nothing to confess.

>Like what, by who's definition and why is it better than say Mein Kampf
Clearly, what I'm trying to say is going right over your head. Main Kampf is a book full of ideas, in the right light, it could even be looked at as a philosopher's manifesto (considering that Hitler was a political philosopher), but as you already realised, the course of history is preventing that from happening.

Also, why are you trying to speak for Hitler as if you're some child? You'd be an embarrassment if he could see how you're representing him.

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